Fake Britain exposes dangers of part worn tyres

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Anyone considering buying part worn tyres should spare a few minutes to watch the shocking investigation carried out by Fake Britain for the BBC – it shows the terrifying truth about the dangers they pose!

The fake, part worn tyre report points out that although motorists may save a few pounds up front, in the long run purchasing secondhand tyres could cost lives, because unscrupulous dealers are selling tyres that are illegal and dangerous right across the UK.

Initially the investigation focused on a young mum of four, who is also a home carer, and uses her car to ferry everyone around. She opted for part worn tyres because they were the most economical option – but later discovered they were potentially lethal. Fortunately she had them identified and replaced before coming to any harm, but she will always be racked with guilt that she put her passengers lives at risk.

Every year more than 1200 motorists are injured where illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres have played a part. Secondhand tyres are playing a massive role in putting lives at risk every day.

A recent nationwide study revealed that 98 per cent of part worn tyres have been sold illegally and that over a third of these had potentially dangerous damage, putting innocent lives at risk. Anyone who has a part worn tyre fitted to their car could be driving around on a tyre that is gradually deflating. This makes its performance unpredictable, uncontrollable and could result in a catastrophic blowout.

Although the sale of part worn tyres is legal in the UK, there are stringent rules that traders must abide before before they can sell them. Unfortunately this law is being flaunted.

Motorists tempted to buy part worn tyres need to ask themselves if they can be sure the tyre is legal, safe and roadworthy. Can they be sure it has not suffered any internal damage or an illegal puncture repair and has it been rigorously checked, as the law requires, before being marked with an indelible Part Worn stamp?

But the biggest question vehicle owners should ask themselves before buying a part worn tyre is…can I afford to take a risk such a massive safety risk?

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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