Check tyres to stay safe on rain soaked roads

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October is very often the wettest month of the year and it is already off to a soaking start with the Met Office issuing severe weather warnings across many parts of the UK.

Heavy rain, especially after prolonged dry spells, can make the roads treacherous to drive on. This is because oil and rubber deposit have built up on the road and when the weather breaks, it rises to the surface making surfaces greasy and slippery.

Heavy rainfalls also increase the risk of aquaplaning, which occurs when tyres with poor tread depth cannot grip the road and rise up, meaning the driver looses control of the vehicle.

And of course floods and deep puddles can also disguise deep potholes in the roads, which can also cause serious damage to tyres.

This is why now is a vital time to make sure your tyres are in a safe and legal condition. They are the only part of your car in contact with the road and you rely on them every time you brake, accelerate and turn.

If you discover your tyres need replacing or require a puncture repair, etyres offer a mobile tyre fitting service, which means our customers enjoy the benefit of not having to drive to a garage or tyre depot on illegal or dangerous tyres. We come to your home or work to get the job done – whatever the weather!

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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