Fleet managers urged to carry out regular tyre pressure checks

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Fleet managers are being urged to get a grip on tyre pressure checks to improve safety on the roads and cut motoring costs.

The advice comes from Wheelright, the UK-based tyre pressure monitoring solution provider, after it conducted a poll with Fleet News of more than 100 fleet managers which revealed some concerning statistics around tyre pressure monitoring.

Nearly half (44.1%) of fleets only check their tyres once a quarter and almost a third (29.4%) of fleet managers do not know how often their drivers are checking their tyres, the study claims.

John Catling, CEO of WheelRight, said: “We were shocked by the results of the poll, which suggest that approximately 75% of fleet managers either know that their drivers are not checking tyre pressures often enough, or even worse have no idea how often they’re motoring this vital element of vehicle safety.

“There are many tyre-related breakdowns and accidents in the UK, so this is a serious issue.”

UK-based WheelRight launched its drive-over tyre pressure measurement solution last year which allows the driver to monitor tyre pressures on a daily basis. A sensor pad is embedded into the road, at a point where vehicles enter or leave a facility. As a vehicle drives over it, ‘in-motion’ monitoring of tyre pressures as well as vehicle weight and axle load, can be analysed and reported directly to a mobile phone within seconds.

Catling added: “Checking tyres should be a top priority, but it is clearly not being given the attention it warrants.

“Our solution is already being taken on board by many fleet companies, as well as other transport businesses.

“It really can save time, money and lives. Fleet managers have a duty of care and should be considering new technologies such as this that allow daily tyre checks to be undertaken.”

Lack of time and other priorities were among the reasons given for the failure by drivers to undertake regular tyre checks, however tyres lose pressure at a rate of about 0.69 bar or 1 psi per month, which is why safety and motoring organisations recommend a monthly check.

The correct tyre pressure can help to reduce the risk of accidents, lower fuel consumption by up to 5% and tread wear by as much as 40%. Incorrect tyre pressure can compromise cornering, braking, vehicle stability and, in the worst-case scenario, lead to serious accidents.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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