Autocar extols virtues of winter tyres

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Many motorists have already started fitting winter tyres to their vehicles, while others are seriously considering making the investment.

If you are not sure if winter tyres are worth the money and hassle you should read the article in this weeks Autocar which poses the question ‘Just how good are winter tyres?’.

Writer Steve Sutcliffe looks at whether they are worth the expense when driving in snow and ice and concludes that they are after his experience in a winter tyre-shod BMW 1M.

Sutton writes: “Until last year I was sceptical about the whole business of winter tyres. I thought they were a ruse quite frankly, a conspiracy designed by the car and tyre manufacturers to get us to part with our hard earned folding for something that we don’t strictly need. But then I tried some, at which point my opinion on the subject changed completely.

“I was running a long term BMW 1M at the time, and at BMW’s insistence the car was fitted with a set of Michelin Alpin winter tyres. And when it came back I was stunned by how different it felt to drive; how much more comfortably it rode, how much sweeter it steered, how less fidgety it felt on badly surfaced roads, and how much more grip it had everywhere in the wet.”

He added: “….when eventually it snowed – albeit only a bit – the tyres were an absolute revelation. The 1M was not rendered useless, as I’m no doubt it would have been on its original 19in summer tyres. Instead, it could go pretty much anywhere because it could stop, steer and accelerate, almost as if the roads were merely wet rather than covered in snow.”

To read the article in full go to

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Denna Bowman, Head Office

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