The true cost of motoring!

British motorists will spend over £160,000 in the course of their lifetime keeping their vehicles on the road, according to new research. They will also cover 556,764 miles – that’s the equivalent of driving round the world 22 times! These new statistics gathered by car hire company offer an eye-popping insight into life on […]

The shape of tyres to come!

Goodyear is literally reinventing the wheel as it drives forward with the development of its new spherical-shaped tyre. Specifically designed for driverless cars, the Eagle 360 Urban concept tyre is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has a “bionic skin” which allows it to adapt to the surface it is being driven on and can even […]

MOT failures due to faulty TPMS treble in one year

MOT failure rates caused by defective Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have more than trebled, which has serious implications for road safety, according to TyreSafe. The tyre safety group has voiced its concerns after revealing that more than 23,000 vehicles required a retest following identification of TPMS issues in 2016, compared with a little over […]

Check tyres to avoid an MOT fail

March is one of the busiest times for MOTs and this month the Department for Transport is expected to check almost half a millions vehicles – many of which will fail due to unsafe or illegal tyres. If a vehicle fails its MOT due to a tyre, the owner could face potentially paying an over-inflated […]

Michelin drives home touching tyre message in Super Bowl commercial

Most motorists will admit to taking their tyres for granted, but Michelin used its TV advertising slot during last nights Super Bowl game to drive home a more emotive message about the vital role they play in our lives. Michelin used its first advertising appearance during the big game to launch its new global campaign […]