You don’t need to be a F1 driver to know how important the right tyres are

There has been a bit of a hoo-ha over the wet weather tyres Pirelli is supplying the Formula 1 teams with this year. Aquaplaning was a particular issue during the rain-hit Brazilian Grand Prix earlier this month and there are rumours flying around that the drivers are “angry” that the tyres are not performing better. […]

etyres advise Which? about the benefits of winter tyres

Consumer champion Which? has turned to etyres for advice about the benefits of fitting winter tyres as the UK is battered by Storm Angus. There are a lot of common misconceptions about winter tyres, however Jeremy Valentine, etyres operations manager, told Which? Trusted Traders the main myth is that they are only are worth fitting […]

Indirect Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems accused of putting drivers safety at risk

Carmakers have come under fire in the last couple of weeks amid claims they are fitting Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that are failing to warn drivers of deflating tyres. Independent research by campaign group Transport & Environment has accused some car companies of cutting manufacturing costs by fitting cheap indirect tyre pressure monitoring systems. […]

etyres Portsmouth onside again for Wales football boss

etyres Portsmouth have been called up again by the Wales football team coach, Chris Coleman! It was the second puncture in eight months that poor Chris has suffered. Back in March we were unable to carry out our mobile puncture repair service, because the tyre was beyond help and had to be substituted for a […]

Part worn tyre dealers accused for putting motorists lives at risk

The risks of fitting part worn tyres have been highlighted as dealers who have the extra responsibility of ensuring they are not putting potentially lethal tyres back in the marketplace are exposed for ‘incompetence’ and ‘lack of expertise’. Tyres are a safety critical component with strict regulations governing their resale when both new and used. […]

Tesco criticised over pumping up price of air for tyres

With petrol and diesel prices rising, it is increasingly important to ensure tyres are properly inflated to help make vehicles more fuel efficient – which is why Tesco has angered customers by pumping up prices at its air machines. The cost of pumping up tyres on Tesco forecourts has risen from a minimum 20p to […]

Battery will get you everywhere!

Batteries are something most people take for granted – until they start exploding in mobile phones or leaving motorists stranded in cars that won’t start! With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, motoring breakdown services will be bracing themselves for the usual sharp rise in callouts due to faulty or dead batteries, but there are some […]

Continental WinterContact TS 860 is one of the hottest tyres on the market!

The Continental WinterContact TS 860 tyre is currently in danger of being buried under an avalanche of praise and accolades. Auto Express has just crowned it winner of its winter tyres test 2016/2017 and days earlier German motoring magazine Auto Bild described it as “an exemplary tyre without faults or flaws”. Other winter tyres that […]

Consider fitting winter or all season tyres ahead of forecasts that the weather is set to unleash heavy snow

Chilling news is sweeping the nation as weather forecasters predict that the UK faces four months of crippling snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures this winter, with the first icy blast arriving in just six weeks. Often accurately forecasting the weather to the end of the week proves an impossible challenge for the experts, so it is […]