The secret to happiness is spending money to buy time…which is why our mobile tyre fitting service is so popular

They say money can’t buy happiness, but a new study reveals it can buy time – and time buys happiness! Not convinced? Stick with us and we will explain how this theory works and why our mobile tyre fitting service perfectly demonstrates its accuracy! Following a recent experiment, people reported greater happiness if they used […]

This tyre sounds too good to be true…but is it?

Need a new tyre? How about one that is airless, so you never have to pump it up, impossible to puncture and designed to last the lifetime of the car? What’s that? You’ll take four immediately! Unfortunately, as you’ve probably guessed, this tyre doesn’t exist, not yet at least, but it embraces many of the […]

etyres fit 4 brand new Lassa tyres for competition winner

We are delighted to have fitted four brand new Lassa tyres to the campervan belonging to our ‘Win Free Lassa Tyres’ competition winners! And don’t they look sensational teamed with its acid green wheel trims. The Cottage family were already looking forward to loading up their Mazda Bongo Friendee campervan and heading to France for […]

Checking tyres can save lives, warns festival crash victim’s mum

A campaigning mum, whose son was killed in a devastating coach crash, is urging festival goers and transport bosses to make tyre safety a priority ahead of the summer festivals, according to the Liverpool Echo. Michael Molloy was just 18 when he and two others from Merseyside died on a coach heading home from the […]

Pirelli tyres secures prestigious new Original Equipment approvals

Just over half of Pirelli tyres entire portfolio is now created as specifically-marked Original Equipment (OE), after the Italian manufacturer secured another clutch of prestigious approvals. The reason this is important, not just for Pirelli, but motorists who need to buy a replacement tyre, is that the performance and comfort of the tyre can be […]

Alarming hazards of tyre-related problems on motorways in light of plans to scrap the hard shoulder

Reports of a family stranded on the M1 after their tyre deflated again raise concerns about the scrapping of hard shoulders on motorways. The RAC has already warned that plans to convert 300 miles of hard shoulder on England’s motorways to an extra lane will ‘place the lives of millions of motorists at risk’. Tyre-related […]

From football to Fledermaus – a proud week for etyres Cardiff!

The etyres Cardiff branch is puffed up with pride as their city gets set to host the final of the UEFA Champions League tonight when Juventus take on Real Madrid C.F. at the Millennium Stadium…which is currently known as the Principality Stadium for sponsorship reasons! Never one to miss a photo opportunity, Gareth and Angela […]