Overloading Motorhome tyres

Overloading motorhome tyres can be extremely dangerous as it greatly increases the probability of tyre damage or a blowout.

To ensure that overloading does not become an issue it is essential that the combined tyre load capacity is sufficient for the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) of the vehicle. As an extra safeguard it is strongly recommended that the MTPLM does not exceed 90% of the tyres’ load capacity as indicated in your vehicle handbook.

MTPLM is the motorhome’s maximum total weight allowable when full, including people, equipment, pets and other goods, whilst still being safe and stable. Most motorhomes will have a weight plate on them and the MTPLM, also known as the gross vehicle weight, is usually the first figure in the list. The load index for your tyre can be found on its sidewall after the size coding and in front of the speed letter code. This load rating is a very important factor with all motorhome tyres as it determines the maximum weight each tyre is able to carry.

It is not advisable to compromise the handling and safety of your motorhome by fitting a regular car tyre instead of a properly load rated motorhome tyre. In fact in most cases this is actually a false economy, because there is little or no difference in price.

Using a car tyre instead of a motorhome tyre often happens because the correct tyre is not available at a garage or tyre depot. However, ordering from etyres overcomes this problem because we supply tyres to your exact requirements. We are also able to come to you at your chosen location to fit new tyres, repair a puncture or fit Tyron safety bands.

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