Motorhome tyre care

As your motorhome may sit dormant for several months of the year, it is necessary to take steps to prevent its tyres from becoming damaged or deteriorating prematurely. Motorhome tyre care is therefore very important.

First of all look out for any obvious signs of age deterioration, such as sidewall cracking and carcass deformation. Also pay particular attention to the tread depth. Motorhome tyres, like all car and light commercial tyres, are legally required to have a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth. However, in the interests of safety it is advisable to replace them well before they reach this legal limit.

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent early deterioration of your motorhome tyres. For instance, consider covering the tyres to shield them from direct sunlight and, if possible, relieve the weight by jacking the vehicle up. If you cannot jack the vehicle up you can help prevent pressure damage by turning the tyres occasionally to prevent flat surfaces forming.

Tyre pressure

Making sure its tyres are set to the correct pressure is an essential part of motorhome care and vital for the safety and stability of your vehicle. Incorrectly inflated tyres not only offer reduced handling capabilities and increased chances of a blowout but also wear out more quickly, increasing the vehicle’s fuel consumption and costing you extra money.

The correct inflation pressure for your motorhome tyres can be found in your vehicle handbook. Tyre pressure should only be checked and adjusted, if necessary, when the tyres are cold. Never reduce pressures when the tyres are warm, because they could become too low when the tyres cool down. This also applies to the spare tyre. Here the pressure should be set at the maximum required for your vehicle.


After suffering a puncture it is always important to pull over and assess the damage. The use of pre-puncture sealant is not recommended by tyre manufacturers as a permanent repair since it is not in line with BS AU 159 safety standards. However, a post-puncture sealant may serve a useful purpose in an emergency when its use can enable the driver to move the vehicle to a safer location.

etyres offer a puncture repair service and will always try to repair a puncture before replacing the tyre if it is safe and legal to do so. If you do suffer a puncture call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000 to discuss your requirements.

Tyre impact damage

When your motorhome tyre comes into contact with solid objects, such as kerbs, the force can cause the plies in the tyre sidewall to delaminate. The effects of such delamination can sometimes be seen in the form of bubbles below the tyre surface, caused by air escaping between the plies. When cornering, motorhomes can have a load factor of up to three tonnes, so it is not surprising that sidewall impacts can easily cause irreparable damage and result in dangerous blowouts.

Ordering motorhome tyres

For more information about motorhome tyre care or to order motorhome tyres, call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.  You can also use the search tool above to search online for tyres for your motorhome.