How old are my motorhome tyres?

Understanding the age of your motorhome tyres is important because even if the vehicle has not covered a lot of touring miles and the tyres don’t look worn, they could still have deteriorated. Like all tyres, motorhome tyres will perish with age and can become distorted if they are under-inflated. For these reasons etyres and insurance companies recommend that motorhome tyres should be replaced before they are five years old.

How to work out how old your motorhome tyres are

The date a tyre was manufactured is shown on the sidewall markings of all motorhome tyres as part of the DOT (U.S. Department of Transport) code, which can be found close to the wheel rim.

Dot code explained

An example code is DOT A87C DEF 0814.

  • DOT stands for U.S. Department of Transportation
  • A8 is the factory code where the tyre was manufactured
  • 7C is the size code
  • DEF is the optional code that refers to a brand or other characteristics specific to the tyre
  • 0814 represents week eight of 2014, ie the calendar week and year in which the tyre was manufactured

A small number of tyres may not have a DOT code but in these cases the date the tyre was manufactured may still be shown elsewhere on the tyre. For example, 4214 would be the 42nd week of 2014.

If you find that your motorhome tyres need replacing you can order new tyres online by entering your tyre size into the search tool above. Alternatively, our National Sales Team can offer advice and is available on 0800 028 9000.