Definition of Speed Rating

The speed rating of a tyre forms part of the load index and is a letter or letter/number combination (for agricultural tyres) that indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry a load corresponding to its load index (except for speeds above 210 km/h – see load index section).

Speed ratings start at A1 and go through to Y. Speed symbols W and Y are usually used in conjunction with Z. The speed symbol is usually followed by the letter R that denotes a tyre of radial construction.

The table below shows the most popular speed symbols used on car tyres today.

Speed Rating
Speed Symbol Speed (KPH) Speed (MPH)
Speed Symbol Speed (KPH) Speed (MPH)
S 180 111.8
T 190 118.1
U 200 124.3
H 210 130.5
V 240 149.1
W 270 167.8
Y 300 186.4
VR* 210+ 130+
ZR* 240+ 150+