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  • The Daily Express, March 2007
    Express Franchising section highlights etyres franchising program
    In “Business you will never tyre of…” franchisee success is highlighted.
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  • The Sunday Times, January 2007
    InGear Section mentions checking tyre size changes with etyres
    Car Clinic explains that changing wheel sizes requires caution, and to check with
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  • The Sunday Times, January 2007
    InGear Section recommends online tyre specialist etyres 0800 028 9000
    In Your Motoring Problems Solved, the editor cites etyres price for Michelin Primacy HP tyres.
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  • The Observer, November 2006
    etyres Short-listed for Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2006
    The Energy Saving Trust, with The Observer, short-list etyres for the Fleet Hero Awards 2006 to be announced 13Nov06.
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  • EAST Journal, June 2006
    Business Pioneers: Making Green affordable and profitable
    The Journal for Environmental and Sustainable Technology publishes an article written by etyres M.D. Tony Bowman.
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  • Auto Express, May 2006
    Tread Carefully
    Buying tyres on the Internet… Auto Express says get the fitter to come to you!
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  • Practical Caravan, May 2006
    Our Month: Our Fleet
    Caravan owner discovers etyres – a quick service that saves customers money over other tyre companies.
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  • EAST Journal, April 2006
    Fleet Award
    Environmental and sustainable fleet award commendation to etyres
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  • Auto Express, March 2006
    Tyre savings are only a click away
    Compare prices on the etyres price checker page, an easy-to-read table which is updated monthly.
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  • Retro Cars Magazine, March 2006
    Retro News – Grip Tip
    This winter, make sure your tread wear is still at a safe level. If not, check for big savings.
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  • Motoring News, March 2006
    Etyres Mobile Tyre Fitting
    We all live busy lives, and having to take the car in to a garage is more of a hassle than it is worth, most of the time. Which is why etyres has launched a service to make it easier for the driver.fs
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  • Which? Magazine, March 2006
    Buying tyres
    Which? Magazine recommends buying tyres online.
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  • Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine, March 2006
    Running Report C43 AMG – Tyred Out
    Mercedes Enthusiast found P Zero Rossos at a much lower price than they expected, with the added benefit of home fitting.
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  • What Car? Magazine, March 2006
    Fleet Update
    What Car? magazine once again recognises that etyres prices beat Kwik-Fit by almost a third. Plus etyres can fit tyres within a day of the order via convenient mobile tyre fitting vans.
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  • Classic & Sports Car Magazine, February 2006
    Tyre firm rolls out home help
    Classic & Sports Car magazine evaluates etyres and find its bargain prices to be much lower than competitors. Dedicated fitting vans complete work at customers chosen address.
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  • EAST Journal, February 2006
    The Internet is the place to buy tyres
    EAST Journal reports that etyres has prices up to 40% cheaper than other tyre retailers. It is a no-brainer.
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  • Emap Automotive Fleet News, February 2006
    Web Watch
    We review what is hot on the net. etyres is going to draw comparisons with other online tyre providers.
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  • Where Can I Buy A Car Online, February 2006
    Car tyres, van tyres & batteries – ETyres UK
    Where Can I Buy A Car Online gives etyres 9 stars for overall quality and 9 stars for e-quality, praising the simplicity of the ordering process and the helpful website.
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  • Total BMW, January 2006
    Running Reports
    Paul Wager, founding editor of Total BMW, recommends etyres for price and simplicity. Plus customers do not have to wait in dingy tyre depots.
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  • The Sun, December 2005
    Tyred of Paying Over the Odds?
    Tyres are a vital part of every car but it appears motorists fork out up to £390million MORE than they should by paying well over the odds for them.
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  • Tyre Trade News, August 2004
    On-Line Tyre Retailing
    The prices at AATyrefit reflect the organisation’s mobile operation and the need to charge a premium price to cover the cost of their mobile. It should be noted that this is the standard price you pay at an AA Service Centre. However, those prices are some 38% – 47% above those of etyres offering the self same service. etyres remains the clear winner on price.
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  • Auto Express, 7 July 2004
    Netting a tyre bargain
    A survey to find the cheapest tyres on the internet revealed e-tyres came out on top for all-inclusive fitting and cost-effectiveness.
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  • Sunday Mirror, 16 May 2004
    Quentin Willson – The Net wheels out top tyre deals
    Motoring Writer of the Year, Quentin Willson, advises readers on how to save up to 30 per cent on a set o new tyres without compromising on quality by buying from e-tyres. He reveals how a mate got great deal.
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  • The Independent, 4 May 2004
    Be safe and avoid inflated prices for your car’s often-ignored feature
    Tyres are one of the most important components of a car – they can even save your life. However, when it comes to buyng new ones there is no such thing as a fixed price. In a comprehensive survey e-tyres emerged as the cheapest – and the price included fitting at the customers home or work.
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  • Daily Express, 12 April 2004
    Roar ahead replacing tired tyres
    Growth in the service sector, a boom in on-line sales and a shift towards mobile services have boosted the fortunes of franchise company Fleet Mobile Tyres and its internet division e-tyres. Customers increasinly prefer to order online, have their tyres changed at work or home and get the lowest price.
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  • Daily Express, 15 March 2004
    Join the Net’s tyre force
    The UK’s leading online tyre company, e-tyres, has experienced exceptional all-round growth in the past year, in line with the latest e-commerce figures showing the Internet is now used for 7 per cent of UK retail sales. The companies success is down to providing a first class service to blue-chip fleet customers and delivering the same high standards of customer services to the ordinary motorist.
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  • Daily Express, 26 May 2003
    Tyres firm wheels out IT service
    Fleet Mobile Tyres adds to its commercial strength as a mobile tyre fitting industry leader, by adding an internet division, e-tyres, to widen the market from fleet business to the ordinary motorist.
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  • Sunday Times, 25 May 2003
    Ten ways to cut the cost
    Running a car is an expensive business, but research and calling round for quotes can save motorists a small fortune. Internet specialists e-tyres undercut two other companies to provide a potential saving of almost £200 on a set of four tyres in the space of 10 minutes. An added advantage is that e-tyres fit at the customers home or work.
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  • Daily Mail, 31 March 2003
    Look into your future
    One for the roads? If you are car crazy, an automotive franchise could be your road to success. Stuart and Pamela Cass bought the Fleet Mobile Tyre franchise for Portsmouth seven years ago and are enjoying building the business with their two employed fitters.
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  • MAX POWER, February 2003
    Standard Corsa gets a make-over with a new set of tyres and alloys – expertly fit by Fleet Mobile Tyres fitters.
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  • Daily Express, 14 October 2002
    Tyres squad roars off
    Fleet Mobile Tyres signs up new franchise partners at a rapid rate to meet growing demand for its services. The company started out supplying the lucrative fleet market and exended to private motorists through its on-line division, e-tyres.
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  • What Car Magazine, May 2002
    What Car Investigates
    Leading the way in mobile fitting services and offering customers the chance to order on-line, e-tyres would ‘charge a very reasonable’ £91 for each Pirelli P6000 fitted.
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