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etyres operates a nationwide mobile tyre fitting service which is provided by Franchise branches across the UK.

All our Franchise Owners are carefully selected to ensure that they will offer the high levels of service and commitment which have led us to dominate the mobile tyre fitting industry.

Although all of our teams operate under the umbrella of a trusted name in the tyre industry, you can rest assured that they are single-minded in the pursuit of a building an excellent reputation for their own branch.

We equip them with the tools for success with our tried-and-tested formula of a convenient mobile tyre fitting service with industry-leading levels of business support.

And our low-cost business model means that branches do not have expensive garages to maintain. Therefore the prices our customers pay are always highly competitive and much lower that those of the leading high street tyre depots.

But a key ingredient in our success is that every one of our Franchise Owners invests passion, hard work and enthusiasm in their branch. This means that our customers receive service far and above that which they would experience at a garage, dealership or tyre depot.

Our teams are not motivated by financial targets like many high street fast-fits, where staff can be encouraged to sell brake pads, shock absorbers, etc, to trusting motorists who lack the mechanical know-how to recognise when they are being taken for a ride.

With etyres, our ethos is the complete reverse of this.

Our Franchise Owners are driven by long-term targets, not short-term goals. Their aim is to build a sustainable business based on offering a convenient service and highly competitive prices.

We do not have other products to sell and if we can repair your tyre you will only be charged for a puncture repair and not a brand new tyre.

And we also regularly refund customers who have ordered a new tyre from us, because they have been told they need one by a garage or fast-fit depot, only for us to turn up and discover the existing tyre has plenty more wear in it.

Our philosophy is that we may lose the sale today, but we know that the customer will come back to us when they need a new tyre in the future.

It is this approach to business that has ensured that the first Franchise Owners to join back us in 1996 are still operating their popular and profitable business in Portsmouth and Southampton today.

We were also awarded the 2011 bfa/HSBC Franchisor of the Year bronze award in recognition of our achievements as one of the UK’s most entrepreneurial and ethical franchises.

These are the kind of attributes that we believe have helped us build a business where 98 per cent of our customers say they would use us again.

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