Volvo XC90 tyres

The original XC90 moved all the safety and practicality which are the hallmark of Volvo into a new market sector. At the time of its launch, it was that rare thing, a family car which seemed designed for family use, rather than one which seemed a compromise. A tough and practical car, it became a trusted workhorse for everyday use, a 4×4 with its heart in the Waitrose car park rather than in a muddy field or at the North Pole.

Volvo estates have always seemed a little slow, steady or dowdy compared to those from German manufacturers. In the same way, the XC90 was never as desirable as the likes of the X5 or ML, or indeed as rooted in the countryside as the Freelander. However, for many buyers that was one of the secrets of the car’s appeal. The flip-side of BMW’s success in the 1980’s was that there was always a suspicion that the marque was favoured by flashy berks who didn’t know how to indicate properly at roundabouts. In the same way, these days it is the X5 which is too often driven by a loon in a pastel-coloured rugby shirt, while the Discovery is just a little bit too tweedy or Terminator for many. By both push and pull, the XC90 remains the more understated and unflustered option. It has recently been relaunched, remaining a big car but one made with attention to very small detail. Indeed the new XC90 was voted Car of the Year for 2015 by Auto Express.

Needless to say, the XC90 will be very demanding on its tyres since it is such a large car. Being so well-engineered, it is very much at home on long motorway journeys. All this points to durability being a quality common to the tyre types which will suit the XC90 best. Naturally etyres’ best-selling and recommended tyres for this car all come from the better-known tyre manufacturers. These cars are known for their heavy tyre wear, meaning that the cheaper options will invariably prove to be a false economy.

More often than not, each new XC90 now leaves the factory fitted with Pirelli tyres. Three ranges in particular have original equipment status. The first of these is the SUV-version of the P Zero Rosso tyre, one more usually found on premium and high-performance sports cars. These are designed to offer safety and comfort as well as performance, meaning that they tick all the right boxes for many XC90 owners. Pirelli’s Scorpion Verde A/S is an all-season tyre for cars like the XC90. They are popular because they offer confidence in all driving conditions and negate the need to change tyres for summer or winter driving. They are by no means the cheapest option, but they offer practicality as well as performance. The final of these three tyre types is the Scorpion Zero range, another engineered for high performance use with high levels of grip on both wet and dry road surfaces.

Continental is another manufacturers whose tyres are fitted to new XC90 models by Volvo. Its CrossContact tyres are known for their safety, making them a perfect match for these cars. Cornering stability and excellent grip levels are key features of these tyres. Indeed these qualities, combined with their durability, make these etyres’ best-selling tyres for the XC90.