Volvo V70 tyres

For many drivers, large and boxy estate cars are what they most readily associate with Volvo. The V70 epitomises this, even if the current version of the car is more streamlined in design than was previously the case. The V70 was launched back in 1996, replacing the 850. Original versions had all the ‘undertaker’s wagon’ associations. With the second generation of the car, though, designer Peter Horbury joked that he had done away with the boxes but kept all the toys. This theme of smoother lines continues with the current, third generation of the car, launched in 2007.

The V70 is all about space and safety and the flagship estate of Volvo’s range. It is also comfortable, practical and reliable, reasons why it has always been a sensible choice, particularly as a family car. Don’t be entirely fooled by that, though. This car has been a perennial favourite of Britain’s police forces due to its performance capabilities and its handling and stability at speed.

Volvo has produced a four-wheel-drive version, the XC70, which has higher ground clearance from raised suspension. The high-performance V70R was a Volvo with hairs on its chest, while a hybrid version is also available. The V70 is also an enduringly popular used car choice, one that usually comes with less chance than most of hidden problems. Solid and dependable, it is one of those cars which is built to last.

The ability to comfortably soak up mile after mile of motorway driving is one of this car’s key features. As such, the V70 is often used for a high annual mileage. It’s also a very safe car, the embodiment of all you’d expect from Volvo, making it a particularly popular family car. The nature of your own driving style will be an important factor when choosing a replacement for a worn or damaged tyre. Since this is a big car, though, it usually pays to bank on the durability offered by tyres from the better-known manufacturers rather than focusing on just the cheapest option.

Volvo is one of a long list of manufacturers to factory-fit Michelin’s Primacy tyres. They are the most common original equipment tyres for the V70 and thus the most popular replacement tyre for this car with etyres customers, too. They are designed for excellent long-term performance, combining comfort, economy and plenty of grip in wet conditions. It therefore follows that they are very much suited to the V70.

Continental’s SportContact and Dunlop’s SportMaxx ranges are popular substitutes, with both aimed at a more sporty drive and designed for high-performance use. For V70 drivers who do like to push their car to the limit of its ability, Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre should top the shopping list. These have proved surprisingly popular for this car, suggesting that not every driver has given up on boy racer tendencies now that he has a family!

Fuel economy will be an important long-term factor in tyre choice for many V70 owners. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip and Michelin’s Energy Saver ranges are recommended for more ‘middle of the road’ driving styles. Both are very much premium tyres, offering safety and optimum fuel efficiency for the demands of day-to-day driving. Pirelli tyres are also a popular choice for the V70, with various Nexen ranges worth considering at a slightly lower price point.