Volvo V50 tyres

The V50 was introduced in 2004, replacing the V40 as the estate equivalent of the S40 which itself was relaunched at the same time. It featured all the solid roominess and comfort always associated with Volvo cars. The original V40 had been built in partnership with Mitsubishi but the V50 shared its chassis with the Ford Focus. It sold very well and remains a popular used car choice today, even though production ceased in 2012.

Interestingly, as far as tyres go the V50 seems to be interchangeable with its saloon brother. That etyres’ best-selling tyres for this car are exactly the same as those most popular for the S40 can hardly be coincidental. The two tyre types in question are Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tyres and the SportContact range from Continental.

Both offer the durability you’d expect from tyres from a well-known manufacturer, together with good levels of wet grip. Both will be important features for the many drivers who use a V50 as a family car. Indeed grip should be a particularly important consideration for family motoring as it is linked so intrinsically with safety. A good rating for wet grip translates into not only better roadholding in all weather conditions but reduced stopping distances in an emergency. With their emphasis on safety, both these ranges will complement any Volvo estate car perfectly.

Pirelli and Bridgestone tyres are common alternatives, while the wet grip safety inherent in Uniroyal tyres means that these have proved popular, too, just as they have for the S40. A combination of good wet grip and excellent fuel economy would suggest that Dunlop’s new Bluresponse range will suit this car well, too.

Additionally, budget and economy tyres are often at the top of the list for V50 owners. Naturally not all of these are the same and prices can vary. The best approach to choosing between them is to compare the wet grip rating shown on both this website and each tyre’s label. If purchase price is an all-important issue then solid customer reviews for Nexen tyres, a popular mid-market choice, makes them worth considering for just a few Pounds more than the average economy range.