Volvo car tyres

etyres supply and fit a huge range of replacement Volvo tyres at lower prices than dealerships and high street garages. All prices are fully inclusive of mobile fitting and balancing, VAT, a new valve and environmentally friendly disposal of your old tyres.

To buy your Volvo tyres online now simply enter your existing tyre size into the search tool, or for more information on choosing the best tyres for your vehicle call the national sales team seven days-a-week on 0800 028 9000.

Volvo tyre information

Volvo is known for its Scandinavian design, high safety standards and for producing vehicles that achieve high mileage. As such all Volvo tyres are carefully selected to meet a range of criteria including handling, fuel economy, braking ability on wet and dry roads, performance, noise levels and ride comfort.

Many drivers choose to retain the original tyre choice when replacing their Volvo tyres, however, for those that don’t etyres can recommend a number of suitable replacement tyres depending on your model and driving preferences.

Changing Volvo tyres

When it comes to changing your Volvo tyres you need to take a range of factors into account including your average and fastest driven speed, local weather patterns and the overall quality of the tyre you are looking to purchase.

If you wish to change your wheel to a different size you will also need to decide which tyres to fit to ensure your vehicle is both safe and doesn’t become damaged. For example, if a larger wheel size is desired, then the profile and/or the width must be reduced to avoid damaging the drive train. A 195/65/15 Volvo tyre on a 17" rim, could legitimately become a 165/65 (narrower) or a 195/55 (shorter) but could not stay a 195/65 as before. If you are thinking of changing your tyre size use our tyre size calculator to make sure you are choosing the correct one.

All Volvo tyres must be fitted using the proper torque, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Torque is the amount of pressure used to tighten the wheel nuts. Click here to view our quick reference table of torque settings, recommended air pressure to put into tyres and the alternate tyre size for popular Volvo models.

Volvo tyre tests and reviews

Below we have reviewed three popular Volvo tyres. However, As with all tyre purchases it is important to fit the same size tyres to your Volvo. Your tyre size is a series of letters and numbers and can be found on the tyre sidewall.

Continental Premium Contact 2

The Continental Premium Contact 2 is an all-round Volvo tyre designed for comfort and safety. This fuel efficient tyre is a popular replacement tyre option for Volvo owners.

Michelin Primacy HP

The Michelin Primacy HP is one of the most popular original equipment tyre choices for high performance and luxury vehicles. This approved Volvo tyre offers drivers performance, comfort and durability along with precise handling and reduced braking distances on wet roads.

Continental Cross Contact UHP

The Continental Cross Contact UHP is a high-performance summer 4X4 tyre that is fitted as original equipment to Volvo’s. This Volvo tyre offers excellent braking performance in wet and dry conditions and reduces the likelihood of aquaplaning by efficiently dispersing surface water.