Volvo S40 tyres

Production of the S40 ceased back in 2012, but only after a respectful innings of seventeen years. Being a Volvo, these cars were built to last, meaning that they are still a common sight on Britain’s roads. The estate version, still popular as a family car, was labelled V40, although rather confusingly its name was changed to V50 when the second generation of the car was introduced in 2004.

Solid, reliable motoring day in and day out is what the S40 is all about. It never featured sporty looks or exhilarating performance but for many S40 owners that doesn’t matter. What makes this car so popular is excellent build quality, with a comfortable ride and excellent fuel economy.

Though the S40 has reached an age at which initial purchase cost is the foremost factor influencing its drivers when they need replacement tyres, that doesn’t tell the whole story. etyres’ two best-selling individual ranges for this car all come from well-known brands. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tyres are the most popular. As their name suggests, they offer high levels of safety and roadholding in all road conditions. Since so many S40 models are used for family motoring, this aspect of safety cannot be overstated.

Similar comments apply to Continental’s SportContact tyres, another popular premium tyre option with S40 drivers. In common with the Goodyear range above, the durability of these tyres can be taken for granted, along with their high levels of grip and safety on both wet and dry roads.

Pirelli and Uniroyal tyres have proved popular substitutes, while Nexen tyres are worth considering, too, since they represent a good all-round choice and come at a more mid-market price point.

Away from these, many S40 owners have chosen to fit budget or economy tyres to their car to take advantage of lower tyre prices. Naturally etyres supplies and fits a comprehensive range of these. In choosing between them, each tyre’s wet grip rating, shown on its label, should be your guide. When cost is the most critical issue, it’s worth remembering that every price shown on this website includes the convenience of mobile fitting, as well as being very competitive compared to those of tyre depots or motor dealers.