Volkswagen tyres

Volkswagen’s commercial success is underpinned by something common to many of the world’s superbrands. It has an ‘everyman’ quality, a stardust which rubs off on few other motor manufacturers. Put simply, VW cars appeal to people from all walks of life. The brand’s reputation for quality means that its vehicles are popular with dukes as much as dustbinmen. They are found parked just as frequently outside stately homes as inner-city tower blocks. It’s hard to think of any other car maker which has achieved this.

The list of the ten best-selling cars of all time features three Volkswagens: the Beetle, Golf and Passat. This is a remarkable achievement in its own right. It’s even more laudable in the context that the company’s most rapid growth came in the prosperous decades after the Second World War. These were times at which anti-German sentiment still prevailed in the countries which were the major international car markets. Yet these were the lands which the company ambitiously sought – and audaciously managed – to conquer.

Volkswagen now rivals Toyota as the world’s largest car manufacturer by volume. The company has been quick to meet the rising tide of demand from emerging markets like China. Its operations include a large number of famous brands. These include Audi, Seat, Bentley and Skoda. However, the lynchpin of VW’s success has been the sheer breadth of its range. The Beetle may have been VW’s first small car success story, but no hatchback has the heritage or reputation of the Golf. An uncompromising commitment to safety and quality has ensured the international popularity of many different VW models. These run from the Polo to the Passat, from the Tiguan to the Touareg and and at all points in between. In short, there’s not just a VW in every car class; there’s also a VW at the top of every car class.

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