Volkswagen Touran tyres

If you tried to describe the Touran to someone who’d never seen one, the mental image in that person’s head wouldn’t be too far from what the car is like in reality. It’s a Volkswagen MPV, with five or seven seats, based on the chassis of the Golf and very Golf-like to look at, just a little taller and longer. Its design is above all sober, unlike that of the Citroen Picasso, for example.

Being Golf-based, the car is solidly-built and very safe. Its diesel engines, which are far more common than petrol ones, feature excellent fuel economy, even if that does come at the cost of any great personality in terms of styling or driving. Being smaller than the same manufacturer’s Sharan, it isn’t enormous. Nor does it feel enormous to drive, with excellent visibility from a raised seating position. It’s certainly a very practical car, one aimed very much at the family car market. The Touran may be a little bland but that won’t matter to those who need both an MPV and the reassurance of the right badge on the bonnet.

This car’s biggest potential flaw is its hit-and-miss reliability, something you’d be disappointed to find with a Volkswagen. In that regard, rather too many Touran owners have come to consider their car to be rather like the girl with curl in her forehead from the nursery rhyme. “When she was good, she was very very good; but when she was bad she was horrid.”

Tyres reliability should not be much of an issue for the Touran. However, it’s worth mentioning that some drivers have noticed irregular wear across a tyre, with either the outer or inner edge wearing much more quickly than the rest of the tyre. Faulty wheel alignment is usually to blame, with this often caused by bumping through a pothole in the winter. Another culprit can be speed pillows, the speed bumps which do not go across all of the road. Driving over them regularly can cause the car’s suspension system or wheels to become misaligned. Industry advice has always been to drive at these with one wheel high (on the bump) and one wheel low (at the road’s normal height), rather than driving to straddle these. These problems are usually occupational hazards of the type of driving for which the Touran is often used, rather than caused by any shortfall in the car’s design.

For most Touran drivers, tyre choice will be influenced more by safety than by fuel economy. The best tyres for this car are therefore those with good ratings for wet grip. This translates into better traction and roadholding on dry roads as well as wet ones. Sharper braking is another benefit, along with shorter stopping distances. It’s no surprise that etyres’ best-selling lines for the Touran are tyres with an emphasis on grip and consequently safety.

High on this list are Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tyres, a range which lives up to its name. It’s a range commonly factory-fitted to not only the Touran but also many other new Volkswagen cars. These aren’t the cheapest option but they can be trusted to deliver excellent durability. Similar comments apply to Continental’s PremiumContact tyres. These, too, have ‘original equipment’ status for the Touran.

Michelin’s Energy Saver range and Continental’s EcoContact range have also proved popular. Both are designed to offer excellent fuel economy and to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. They combine this with good ratings for grip, making then a sensible replacement tyre choice.

Other recommended options include the factory-fitted Pirelli Cinturato range, a good all-round tyre from a premium manufacturer. Bridgestone Turanza tyres are known for their longevity when fitted to the Touran, which makes them worth considering, and another option worth thinking about are Nexen tyres, which are very popular not least because they are keenly priced.

Ultimately the Touran has a wheel and tyre size shared with a huge number of other cars. As such, there are plenty of options available when a worn or damaged tyre needs to be replaced. Comparing each option’s wet grip rating, as well as its price, will help you find the right one for your car.