Volkswagen Polo tyres

Many small hatchbacks owe their sales success to fashionable design, ‘funkiness’ or a competitive price tag. Yet few of them will ever sell as well as the Volkswagen Polo. Indeed in the supermini market, it’s the Polo which is the benchmark, the one to which all the others are compared. That the Polo smacks of conservatism or of being upmarket means that Volkswagen has positioned it in a completely different direction to its rivals. When the makers of those rivals see their small car still selling strong after 40 years, they will be able to tell whether they, too, have got it right.

There are good reasons why the Polo has its place at the top of the supermini pile. Comfort, refinement and economy top the list, and it’s a car which has always felt solid and safe despite its size. Since it is both a Volkswagen and a Polo, residual values are absolutely solid, performance is good and reliability shouldn’t be an issue. Many young people have learnt to drive in a Polo and then taken a sad backward step, as their first car would be of a similar size but nowhere near as good.

The Polo might be more expensive than many of its rivals but quality and its status as a small Golf underpin its popularity and appeal. While it is a good enough car on the motorway, it tends to be a car which doesn’t cover high mileages on an annual basis. As such, the wet grip ratings of different replacement options should be the starting point when choosing new tyres for one. High levels of wet grip mean that the tyre will also support increased roadholding in dry conditions, too, while the role that grip plays in driver safety in all weathers cannot be overstated. In contrast, since the Polo is such an efficient little car, fuel economy ratings can be a less important factor in replacement tyre choice.

There are Polo models of all ages on Britain’s roads. Naturally many drivers will just need the cheapest tyre available and of course etyres supplies and fits a huge range of budget and economy tyres. Comparing wet grip ratings will help you choose the right tyre to suit both the car and your budget – not all economy tyres are the same! However, many of them will suit older versions of the Polo without breaking the bank.

Volkswagen fits tyres from a range of different manufacturers in its factories, among them tyres from Kumho, Nexen and Continental. Owners of newer models will usually choose a tyre to match those already fitted, which of course is sensible. It’s therefore no surprise that these three brands loom high on the list of etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Polo.

Your own driving style, mileage and the type Polo model you own should influence tyre choice. Some options will favour a sportier model and a punchier drive, whilst others will suit a more conservative driving style and a more economy-focused model. Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres are a ‘no-nonsense’ and safety-orientated choice, favoured by many Polo drivers. Similar attributes apply to Dunlop’s BluResponse range and Michelin Energy Saver tyres, which are two further premium brand options to consider.