Volkswagen Passat tyres

For more than forty years, the Passat’s build quality and comfort has made it a firm favourite with British and European drivers. It’s a car which keeps busy families on the go and corporate fleet managers happy. For drivers who cover large annual mileages, one of the Passat’s best features – particularly on diesel models – is its economy. It will therefore be important for these drivers to choose replacement tyres which will complement this. Alternatively, many people use their Passat for family driving and daily school runs, often in poor weather conditions. For these Passat owners, primary importance will usually be placed on the safety aspects of a tyre’s grip capabilities on wet road surfaces.

In either instance, the new EU tyre labels are of enormous assistance in assessing the different replacement options available. They allow for the different ratings of each tyre in both grip and fuel efficiency to be evaluated and compared at a glance. Tyre labels will also show you the relative noise emission levels of each tyre. etyres’ website shows all these ratings, together with each tyre’s price, to allow for easy comparison of the many different replacement tyres available.

etyres’ best-selling tyre for the VW Passat is the Continental SportContact range. These premium-brand tyres are designed to complement a sportier driving style and are factory-fitted to many newer Passat models. Another popular choice is the Pirelli P7 Cinturato. This is more of an all-round performer. It offers a good balance between wet grip, fuel economy and tyre life and comes from another trusted manufacturer. Dunlop’s BluResponse range, tyres which score a ‘B’-rating for fuel economy and an ‘A’-rating for wet grip, is a hugely solid-selling line for the VW Passat with etyres. Recently, Falken has announced that its Ziex tyres will become original equipment tyres for many new Passat models as they leave the factory, so they are worth considering, too.

At a slightly lower price point, Nexen’s N8000 and NBlue tyres are popular choices of fittings for both saloon and estate models. etyres also stocks a broad range of economy tyres including many suitable for use on the VW Passat.

It is important to choose the right tyres to suit your driving style and budget. etyres’ national sales team is available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000 to offer help and impartial advice.