Volkswagen Golf tyres

Ever since its launch back in 1974, the Golf has been one of the world’s most popular cars. If the Volkswagen Beetle was the original small car built for the world, the Golf would quickly assume its mantle. VW’s intelligent marketing has recognised that it is the benchmark against which all of its rivals have come to be compared and judged.

Key to its appeal is that is engineered to meet many market segments. The range includes small and economical petrol engines to workhorse diesels. It also runs from the original ‘hot hatch’ GTI to modern electric and hybrid versions. The Golf is best known as a hatchback, although convertible, estate and saloon versions are popular worldwide. The ‘Plus’ model features a higher roofline and increased interior room on the same chassis.

With the Golf available in so many shapes and sizes and for so long, it follows that almost limitless options of replacement tyre options are available. Additionally, this is a car is used by every kind of driver, be they student, sporty, sober or senile. The primary factor in replacement tyre choice should be your own individual driving style and mileage. Needless to say, the demands placed on the tyres of a hard-driven GTI model are one thing. Those affecting the tyres of a high-annual-mileage Golf turbo diesel are another. The demands on the tyres of an economy model in daily use for school runs and short local journeys are different still.

The wet grip ratings of different replacement tyre options will be a critically-important factor for many Golf drivers. Safety on wet roads and in unpleasant conditions are an important safety aspect for the many Golfs used as family cars. In contrast, a Golf GTI will call for a sporty performance tyre to complement its cornering and handling characteristics. The fuel economy properties of a replacement tyre will be the major consideration for those who regularly use their Golf for long motorway journeys.

This car’s enduring popularity means that etyres fits replacement tyres to literally thousands of different Golfs every year. Our national sales team is available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000 to help you choose the right tyres to match your driving style, car and budget.

etyres’ best-selling tyres for the VW Golf GTI are made by Continental, with Goodyear, Dunlop and Michelin performance tyres also very popular. For turbo diesel models, Pirelli and Goodyear top the list ahead of tyres from Bridgestone, Michelin and Continental. Nexen tyres are a popular choice for these Golfs at a slightly lower price point. Across the entire Golf range, Continental and Goodyear are the most common choice of premium tyres, ahead of Dunlop. Falken and Firestone tyres are popular mid-market choices suitable for fitting to most versions of the Golf.

It’s worth adding that many drivers of older Golf models will seek the most competitively-priced tyre available. Cost will be their main concern. Naturally etyres stocks a broad range of budget and economy tyres at prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.