Vauxhall Zafira tyres

The launch of the Vauxhall Zafira in 1999 revolutionised the ‘people carrier’ market. Seven usable (and indeed movable) seats in three rows meant a spacious, practical and flexible interior which no other car of the time could offer. The Zafira was also car-like, not van-like, to drive and came at a surprisingly low price. It’s no wonder that other manufacturers would soon try to jump onto the same family motoring bandwagon.

To say that the Zafira set a trend but has never been trendy is to miss the point. Criticism that it lacks style, efficiency or technology is irrelevant, too. It just isn’t a car built for any of those things. Equally so, they are not what the average Zafira driver wants. Indeed he’d probably resent having to pay more to have them. It’s a car bought for need rather than desire, a purchase dictated not by choice but by circumstance.

Yes, the Zafira now looks a little dated compared to the models from rival firms which have been built to compete against it. In comparison to these it’s also quite thirsty. Both these issues mean that new models depreciate badly, too. The range is also gradually being phased out: the newer and more upmarket Zafira Tourer will stay but the original will soon be replaced.

However, none of that will matter in the slightest to the many families who love their Zafira. Lots of people need more seats than the average car can offer. To them, the Zafira represents comfortable, dependable, safe and practical motoring in an inexpensive package. That it is not fashionable in any way does not matter when you are trying to get to school on time or to stop sticky little fingers shoving lollipop sticks into the CD player on the way to Center Parcs.

As you might imagine, etyres’ mobile service is hugely convenient for busy families and is one of the reasons why we fit tyres to hundreds of Zafiras every year. Continental and Goodyear are etyres’ best-selling tyre brands for these cars. Continental’s PremiumContact and Goodyear’s EfficientGrip ranges are particularly popular. Both of them comprise premium brand tyres which offer high levels of wet grip, a very important safety aspect for most Zafira drivers. Both are also designed for excellent fuel economy, too.

Dunlop BluResponse tyres offer similar characteristics and made an excellent alternative, while at a lower price point, Nexen and Kumho tyres have also proved a popular choice for fitting to the Zafira.

etyres also supplies and fits a huge range of budget and economy tyres, many of which will suit the Zafira – and drivers’ pockets – perfectly. As above, wet grip ratings are an important consideration in choosing between these.