Vauxhall tyres

Vauxhall has been a part of General Motors since as far back as 1925. Even though its cars are effectively the same as those marketed under GM’s international brand, Opel, the name Vauxhall has always been used instead in Britain. Almost all cars bearing the Vauxhall badge are built by GM’s Opel factories in Germany and elsewhere. However, British production continues at factories in Ellesmere Port (below) and at its Luton HQ. Car production at Luton was suspended during the Second World War to enable the manufacturing of another British institution, the Churchill tank.

Vauxhall’s brand has thus always been closely associated with British motoring and manufacturing. Its fortunes took a huge dive in the 1960s and 1970s, though, due to a terrible reputation for rust. Ford and British Leyland dominated the British market at the time. The latter’s fortunes began their fatal fade as the 1970s came to an end. However, Vauxhall proved unable to make any inroads into Ford’s market share. This was underpinned by the success of Ford’s Cortina, the everyman car of the time.

The Astra and Cavalier, both rebadged Opel cars, would turn this around for Vauxhall in the early 1980s. The Astra was simply a better small car than any of Vauxhall’s UK rivals could make. The Cavalier seized the aging Cortina’s mantle as the car for the fleet manager and the aspirational masses. Vauxhall knew that quality would be the feature on which these cars would sink or swim – luckily, it got this right. The company also worked out that increased fleet custom would bring with it an increased footfall in the dealers’ showrooms. The triumph of these two cars would become the anvil on which the company’s subsequent success was forged.

A crucial part of this success has been the sheer width of Vauxhall’s range. From the evergreen Corsa and Astra (still going strong at 35) to the MPV and the executive saloon, Vauxhall has a popular model in each market segment. It also produces vans and light commercial vehicles. Key to all of them is their standard of quality and reliability, making Vauxhall a popular new and used car choice.

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