Vauxhall Insignia tyres

The Insignia may not be the car of your dreams. However, for many it is the car parked outside their house at night, and a good enough car at that. It is pretty much the best-selling car in in the executive saloon sector, following in the footsteps of Vauxhall’s Cavalier and Vectra. It may be short on desirability but low running costs make it the default choice of the accountant in charge of a company’s fleet. It’s certainly a relaxed and comfortable car on the open road and an ideal car for those who rack up high annual mileages. No wonder, therefore, that you see so many of them in motorway service station car parks.

For a car of this size, the Insignia is surprisingly fuel-efficient, particularly so with the Ecoflex model. The Insignia comes in estate as well as hatchback form and is a practical and sensible if unspectacular car, a common sight on Britain’s roads. It is also a truly international performer for General Motors. In America it is known as the Buick Regal, in Australia it’s a Holden and across Europe it’s sold under GM’s Opel umbrella.

As for any car, the most important factor in replacement tyre choice for the Insignia should be your own driving style. While it cannot really be labelled a performance car (although a high-performance model, the VXR, has been launched to rave reviews), the Insignia is most at home on the motorway. As such, for most Insignia drivers fuel economy will be of prime importance. Ratings for relative fuel economy are clearly shown on the label of each replacement tyre option, as well as on this website. Naturally the best fuel economy comes from tyres specifically designed for low rolling resistance and durability rather than for extreme performance or cornering ability. Comparing each tyre’s economy rating will help you find the most suitable replacement for a worn or damaged tyre.

Each tyre’s label also shows its wet grip rating, an important guide for safety as well as performance. While the most sports and performance-orientated tyres will always feature high grip levels, it is important to consider the safety benefits associated with a tyre’s grip, too. A good rating for wet grip means better roadholding on both wet and dry roads, as well as reduced braking distances. For those who do cover high mileages, the best tyre will combine good ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy.

As you’d expect, there are almost countless replacement tyre options for a mainstream car like the Insignia. Most popular with etyres customers is Nexen’s N8000 range. This is always considered a good ‘all-rounder’ of a tyre, which has the added advantage of being less expensive than premium tyres from the best-known manufacturers. Customer reviews indicate that they are particularly suited to the Insignia, with good levels of grip on wet roads and excellent feedback and longevity.

Continental SportContact tyres and Bridgestone’s Potenza Range have also proved popular choices for Insignia drivers. These both feature good grip levels and excellent durability, so they’ll tick boxes for many fleet drivers and managers. Michelin’s Primacy range is another common choice, noted for its emphasis on comfort and economy.

For sportier drivers, Dunlop SportMaxx and Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres are worth considering: indeed these are a surprisingly popular fitting to the Insignia. These are both designed for more spirited driving in high-performance cars.