Vauxhall Corsa tyres

The Corsa is only a small car but one which has proved a big deal for Vauxhall and parent company GM. Its predecessor, the Nova, is largely forgotten; no doubt rightly so. However, the Corsa has been a best-seller in both British and European markets for 20 years.

Consistent throughout the car’s five generations are plenty of interior space, economical engines, high safety ratings and a comfortable ride. These have always come in a package which is cheap to insure and run and looks good. Additionally, new models have always been available at competitive prices from the huge number of dealers which make up Vauxhall’s national network.

The sheer volume of models available means that the Corsa is a sensibly-priced and popular used car choice, too. Good fuel economy, excellent brakes and high build quality tick all the right boxes for many buyers. Among these are countless driving instructors, new drivers and growing families alike.

As with all Vauxhalls, when things do go wrong they are invariably cheap to repair. Additionally, in recent years Vauxhall has offered new Corsa models with generous warranties to compete with an influx of inexpensive rivals from Korea.

The commercial success of the Corsa, combined with its build quality, mean that any number of them – new and old – exists on Britain’s roads. As for any similar car, good fuel economy is a consistent feature across the range. This means that wet grip levels and price – and the balance of the two – will be the natural priorities influencing replacement tyre choice. Many Corsa drivers need the best tyre available to match a particular budget. Indeed it is the economy ranges which are etyres’ best-sellers for these cars. A huge number of budget tyres are available from etyres, all at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting. You can search for these using the tool above, which will show the wet grip ratings of all different tyres available. These ratings are an important safety concern for many Corsa drivers.

Continental is etyres’ best-selling individual tyre brand for the Corsa. Its EcoContact, PremiumContact and SportContact ranges sell equally well. Many newer Corsa models are factory-fitted with Continental tyres, which suit this car well. For older models, Nexen tyres are a popular choice, not least because they combine good all-round performance and a competitive price. Goodyear and Kumho tyres are also popular alternatives, as are those from Firestone and Falken.