Vauxhall Astra tyres

Remarkably, 35 years have passed since the Astra was originally launched in Britain. Throughout that time, it has been one of this country’s most popular cars. Indeed it is the perennial bridesmaid of our car industry, only ever beaten for sales numbers by Ford’s Escort, Focus and Fiesta. ‘Britain’s second-best-selling car’ is built in several countries but UK manufacturing started at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire in 1981 and continues there today.

In its latest generation, the Astra is a very good-looking car. A key feature is a much-improved interior. Modern models are well-made and well-priced, with class-leading levels of economy across all ten different engine sizes available. The theme of choice continues with a further ten options for interior trim levels.

Hatchback, estate and van versions mean that there has always been an Astra to suit every type of motorist. Competitive second-hand prices and good build quality make the Astra a best-seller as a used car, too. Older models may be a bit drab or an anonymous and middle-of-the-road choice of car. However, they are affordable, dependable and practical, with an excellent safety record.

Needless to say, with so many Astras on Britain’s roads, etyres fits tyres to literally hundreds of them every year. These include models of every type and age. The primary factors to bear in mind when buying new tyres for one are your driving style and annual mileage. The Astra has always made a popular company car so many of them work hard on Britain’s motorways and main roads. An Astra driver who covers a large annual mileage will need a tyre with a good fuel economy rating. This will preserve the excellent mpg figures these cars can return, especially in diesel engine format. In contrast, many drivers who cover very small mileages will choose an Astra for its safety features and low running costs. These drivers should usually be most influenced by the wet grip ratings of different tyre choices. More grip in the wet means safer motoring.

A further consideration affecting tyre choice is that of cost, with many Astra drivers just needing the best tyre they can find at the lowest possible price. Indeed etyres’ most popular tyres for the Astra come from the budget and economy ranges. These are available in many sizes and patterns, and entering your car’s tyre size into the search tool above will enable you to compare all available options.

Nexen, a respected but middle-market tyre maker, is etyres’ best-selling individual tyre brand with Vauxhall Astra drivers. Falken and Firestone tyres are two other popular choices, also coming at prices slightly below those of the premium brands. Goodyear tyres, particularly the EfficientGrip range, will suit most Astra models well and are the most popular ‘premium brand’ choice. Tyres from Continental, Dunlop and Bridgestone also sell well to Astra drivers, making them worth considering, too.