Toyota Yaris tyres

The Yaris is a straightforward and sensible choice of supermini. True, it’s not brilliant on motorways and it’s by no means great in terms of handling or cornering. However, what it does do, it has always done extraordinarily well.

It is now in its third generation and a five-door option is now available. An interesting feature of the three-door model is that it has remained true to its supermini roots. While other cars seem to grow larger at every incarnation, the current Yaris is the same size as its predecessors. Toyota designed it to be a convenient city car, and it is surprisingly spacious inside.

What has always set the Yaris apart from other small cars is peace of mind. Stability control and sophisticated braking systems are among its many safety features. Older drivers will appreciate these, along with the car’s reliability and the lightness of its pedals and controls. The Yaris is also particularly popular with young drivers, for whom it is relatively cheap to buy, run and insure.

Being a city car, the Yaris’ economy is beyond question. Additionally, it’s not really a car for high annual mileages or the motorway. These factors mean that wet grip ratings should be the most important factor when replacement tyres are needed. The most suitable tyres for this car will work in conjunction with the many safety features fitted by Toyota to make the Yaris one of the safest cars on the road. A tyre with a good rating for wet grip will give this car increased roadholding in all conditions and a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

etyres’ best-selling tyre range for the Yaris comes not from one of the premium brands but from Nexen. Its NBlue tyre is specifically designed for optimum use on cars this size, as are various options from tyre giant Continental. Yokohama‘s Bluearth eco-tyre is specifically-designed for use on the Yaris and has factory-fitted status for newer models.

Others to consider include BridgestoneMichelin, Dunlop and Goodyear tyres, all of which come in formats to suit the Yaris perfectly. We have also noticed that Firestone and Kumho are popular tyre choices for the Yaris. These come with the added advantage of a slightly lower price point than many tyres from premium brands.