Toyota tyres

Key to Toyota’s success has been its ability to evolve with changing times and shifting markets. The brand’s success was built on the safety, reliability and durability of its cars. The promise of those qualities became so much what Toyota stood for that its name came to command a premium over other Japanese rivals. Modern Nissan or Subaru cars, for example, are probably just as good as the equivalent Toyota yet their badge lacks the inherent quality associated with Toyota.

In the 1970’s, Toyota established its presence in the UK, and indeed worldwide markets, by offering reliability, quality and fuel economy. In contrast, most British cars of the time were like the average British workman in the average 1970’s pub. They were dirty, thirsty, unsophisticated, unreliable and state-subsidised. They were also by no means guaranteed to start the job when they were meant to and would usually pack it in at the first drop of rain.

Times have changed: these days, the pub has closed, the workman is from Eastern Europe and the car industry has been turned on its head. Reliability and build quality are ubiquitous with modern cars, not just with Toyotas. The car market is intensely competitive like never before, dominated by global manufacturers with massive resources. Those resources mean a lift in quality across the board. The things on which Toyota built its brand are now common to almost all modern cars.

Yet Toyota is still the world’s largest car manufacturer. Integral to this is the way it has always been able to tell which way the wind of customer demand blows. It has always got its small cars right, as witnessed by the sheer number of models in the range today. They are incredibly popular new and used car choices. British drivers know that their reliability is beyond question, that they offer high equipment and safety levels and that they will always start on a frosty winter morning.

Toyota has always been the manufacturer which put technology into mainstream mass-production, too. For example, when Toyota invented the airbag or the hybrid Prius, may people laughed. They’re not laughing now, though.

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