Toyota Land Cruiser tyres

The Land Cruiser is totally out of both step and time with modern Britain. However, that’s all rather beside the point. It is not to say that the Land Cruiser is bad car. It isn’t. It is a great one. Rather, it’s just a really good car for somewhere else. It’s not an ideal vehicle for the streets of Ascot, Aberystwyth or Aberdeen. However, its go-anywhere, do-anything approach is trusted from Arizona to Australia, via Africa and every mountain range, desert, terrorist outpost and war zone in between.

The Land Cruiser has been around for 60 years now, although the ‘Light Duty Series’ of 1985 pioneered the car as we know it today. A rugged and utilitarian beast, it is the antithesis of the ‘soft-roader’ now fashionable in this county. It is perhaps best thought of as a larger and more spacious version of the Land Rover Defender. With its plastic and low-grade interior, it is totally agricultural compared to the style and comfort of the likes of the BMW X5 or Audi Q7. However, just as individual Land Cruisers refuse to die, neither will the range itself, even when the X5 has reached the age of 60…

Indestructability and repairable simplicity have been key to the Land Cruiser’s worldwide popularity. Ironically, though, it is its technology which means the car has a place in Britain today. That technology takes all the guesswork out of 4×4 motoring: the driver’s involvement in off-road driving in a Land Cruiser is limited to pointing, steering and pressing a pedal. That may come at the cost of on-road performance which cannot hold a candle to many other 4×4 vehicles, but for the farmer or die-hard off-road fan, it’s a price worth paying. A seven-seat option and supreme towing ability also do their bit to repel the grim reaper, even if the Land Cruiser will never match other Toyota models for UK sales.

Specialist off-road performance will demand a particular type of tyre. That this kind of tyre isn’t ideally suited to tarmac or the motorway is something, just like poor fuel consumption, with which most Land Cruiser drivers are happy to live. On-road tyres quickly become clogged up when taken through mud, immediately turning into slicks with no grip at all.

Bridgestone has been a long-term partner of Toyota and it is the same company’s Dueler tyre which is factory-fitted to the majority of Land Cruisers. The Dueler range features quite an array of choices. Common to all of them is no-nonsense durability and reliability, although the exact one which best suits your Land Cruiser can only be found by considering exactly how much, and what kind, of off-road ability you expect from the car. Some versions suit cars which never see mud while others are engineered for all-terrain grip or with an emphasis on mud, gravel or snow.

Another tyre with original equipment status is Toyo’s Open Country range. This, too, is available in different tread designs to suit a range of off-road and on-road demands. Other options to consider come in the shape of B F Goodrich’s All Terrain and Long Trail tyres. The latter is particularly popular, being designed for just occasional off-road use. Finally, General Tire Co Grabber tyres are worth mentioning, too, being suitable for a long list of large 4×4 vehicles including the Land Cruiser.