Toyota iQ tyres

It reportedly took five years for Toyota to bring the iQ from the drawing board to the dealer’s showroom. In both function and design, it is certainly very different from what we have come to think of as a city car. Importantly, the iQ is certainly among the more expensive supermini or city car options, costing more to buy than many small hatchbacks. However, it is very much a premium city car, rather than a totally thrifty one. Though it is small, it is a car for grown-ups, not so much one for new drivers. It is a car made for those who want a small car rather than those who need a cheap one.

The iQ certainly packs a lot of space-saving design and clever technology into a small package. It manages to cruise almost effortlessly on a motorway, unlike the many other city cars which can bob around like a cork on a lake when taken out of their home environment. Mechanically, it combines all the build quality associated with Toyota with some ground-breaking style and safety features. It is also very nearly Britain’s slowest-depreciating car. In terms of solid residual value, the only car which beats it is Toyota’s Aygo, which features exactly the same engines.

In common with similarly-sized cars, the iQ is very much designed for the stop-start nature of city driving. It is agile and peppy, with a sharp turning circle that puts even the London taxi to shame. While the iQ might be solid and capable on the open road and at speed, those are added bonuses rather than the car’s raison d’etre.

In terms of tyres, durability and grip on uneven roads are what it demands, rather than fuel economy or the extreme support associated with on-the-limit or high-performance driving. Increased driving grip also translates into both better roadholding and raised safety levels, both important factors in busy rush-hour urban motoring.

Hankook tyres are factory-fitted to many iQ models retailed outside Europe. However, in the UK, Bridgestone’s Ecopia range is by far the most popular original equipment tyre. These were developed by Bridgestone exclusively for this car. It follows that these are also etyres’ best-selling tyre for the iQ by the clichéd country mile. Excellent environmental performance is its claim to fame, with low noise emissions being a part of this. However, user reviews continue to praise their grip levels and reliability in wet weather. Since these tyres are designed for this car, and suit it perfectly, the only real reason not to choose them would be price, since they are not the cheapest option. For most iQ owners, though, the extra cost is worth it. These tyres are a sensible long-term investment since they are well-regarded for their longevity, too.