Toyota Avensis tyres

The Toyota Avensis may be a little unspectacular to look at. However, it’s a good all-rounder of a car. It’s quiet, comfortable and safe with low running costs. In many cases, it’s therefore suited to a good all-rounder of a tyre, too. etyres’ best-selling replacement tyre range for the Avensis comes from Nexen. These tyres lack the badge of a premium manufacturer stamped on their sidewall. Nonetheless, they make an excellent choice for the Avensis. They tick boxes for economy, grip and durability, without being particularly expensive.

As with all cars, important factors in replacement tyre choice will be the driver’s annual mileage and driving style. The Avensis is particularly popular as a company car. It’s not expensive to buy or run and comes with supple suspension that makes it very comfortable on motorways. Indeed it’s almost impossible not to see several of them in the car park of any motorway service station. Avensis drivers who do cover larger mileages should place a priority on the fuel economy ratings of different tyre options. The right tyre will ensure a comfortable ride as well as preserving the car’s mpg figures. Michelin’s EnergySaver range and various Continental tyres are sensible options to consider, coming with all the reassurances you’d expect from premium tyre brands.

Customer reports suggest that some drivers find the steering of the Avensis a little detached or lifeless compared to that of other cars. This can be exacerbated by fitting a tyre which does not provide high levels of wet grip. This should be an important consideration when buying new tyres. A good rating for wet grip means that the tyre will support the car’s safety features and offer reduced stopping distances and increased roadholding in poor weather.

This should also be an important factor for the many drivers who rely on their Avensis as a reliable and safe family car. Among the tyres which will suit the Avensis and have an emphasis on wet grip are Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range and various Bridgestone and Dunlop options. At a slightly lower price, Kumho and Hankook tyres have proved popular with Avensis drivers and are thus worth considering, too.