Toyota Auris tyres

Most Auris models rolling off Toyota’s production line in Derbyshire do so fitted with Dunlop tyres. As such, it’s no surprise that etyres’ best-selling tyre for these cars comes from the same manufacturer. Dunlop’s BluResponse range is designed for optimum fuel economy, making it a perfect match for these cars.

Low running costs have always been a key feature of the Auris, qualities which are complemented by various replacement tyre choices. Michelin EnergySaver tyres, Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range and PremiumContact tyres from Continental will also tick the box. All are from premium tyre makes and offer high ratings for both fuel economy and wet grip.

Since most models from the Auris range won’t be subject to high annual mileages, grip is an important factor when choosing tyres for them. The most suitable tyres for these cars will offer high levels of wet grip. As with all Toyota cars, the Auris comes equipped with many safety features. A tyre which offers optimum grip in both wet and dry conditions will support these perfectly. High wet grip level means not only better roadholding but also shorter stopping distances and a reduced risk of aquaplaning.

The Auris may be a little bland to look at and drive but handsome is as handsome does. Auris buyers know that these cars offer the almost indestructible reliability and build quality that are a hallmark of modern Toyota cars. These qualities of durability are common with many mid-range tyres which will suit the Auris. Bridgestone, Firestone and Kumho tyres have proved a popular choice for this car, with the added advantage that they come at a lower price point than tyres from the premium brands. Yokohama‘s Bluearth range comes into the same bracket. These tyres are designed for a low environmental impact and are factory-fitted to many newer Auris models.

Whatever your budget or driving style, etyres supplies a range of tyres to suit your Auris. Among these are many budget and economy options, all available at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.