Suzuki Swift tyres

Reliability, economy and good build quality are what we have come to expect from small hatchbacks from large Japanese manufacturers. The Swift may come from one of the minor eastern carmakers, but it ticks all those boxes and more. Indeed, it is far and away Suzuki’s best-selling car in the UK. Worldwide sales since its launch in 2005 are approaching the 4 million mark.

While the Swift might lack any wow-factor, it handles well, with an excellent ride and comfortable suspension. Although it can’t match the Germans for interior quality or refinement, it’s available at a much lower price. Residual values of cars from manufacturers like Suzuki will never rival those of models from posher marques. However, this makes the Swift as popular as a used car purchase as it is new.

Key features of newer Swift models are their grip, body control and stability in bends. As such, these cars will be complemented by tyres with good levels of grip. This should be an important consideration in replacement tyre choice. A tyre with a high wet grip rating is a perfect match for the Swift and will promise better roadholding in all driving conditions. Additionally, it will offer important safety benefits including reduced stopping distances on both wet and dry roads.

In contrast, since the Swift is a notably fuel-efficient little car, the fuel economy ratings of different tyre choices will be of less importance. More relevant may be the final piece of information on the labels of new tyres, the noise emission level. Higher than average levels of wind and road noise are just about the only gripe owners seem to have with the Swift. As such, the best tyres to choose for this car will have a low rating for noise emission.

Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Compact may be a premium tyre, and thus one that’s a little more expensive than most. However, it’s a good choice for this car. Continental’s PremiumContact range is etyres’ best-selling tyre for the Swift, and since Yokohama tyres are factory-fitted to many models they are very popular, too. At lower price points, Falken and Nexen tyres have proved a preferred choice for Swift owners, too.

A variety of budget and economy tyres are also available from etyres, all at low prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting. Many of these will suit older Swift models, and comparing the wet grip ratings of each will help you find the best of these to suit your car and budget.