Suzuki Jimny tyres

Rugged, tough, reliable and cheap 4×4 capability in a small package is what the Suzuki Jimny is all about. Sadly, that might be all that can be said for this car. For use as a small agricultural and utilitarian workhorse, it’s an old-school off-roader with few peers. On the road, though, or as a style statement, it languishes far behind not only any other 4×4 but also just about any other car.

It is desperately slow, with a ride that’s far too firm to be comfortable and poor grip. It’s top heavy and would lurch through corners if only it would go fast enough into them. The interior is horribly cramped and boot space effectively non-existent. A puny engine offers poor performance and its economy is woeful despite its size.

It would make sense to say that grip is an important factor in tyre choice for the Jimny and that this is borne out by etyres’ sales records. Sadly the car is so uncommon that we can only make that assertion based on anecdotal, rather than statistical, evidence. All 4×4 vehicles earning their keep in an off-road environment will benefit from the fitting of specialist off-road tyres. The Jimny is no exception to this. Therefore a tyre like the General Tire Co Grabber will often fit the bill. It is available in different formats to support different ratios of on-road and off-road use. Yokohama’s Geolanadar tyre range offers much the same benefits and is therefore worth considering, too, as are many B F Goodrich tyres.

For Suzuki Jimny models which rarely leave the road, wet grip ratings will be the most important factor in tyre choice. A high level of wet grip means better roadholding in all conditions for a car which is known to suffer from poor handling. A tyre with good wet grip ratings will offer increased driver safety and a reduced risk of aquaplaning on rain-covered roads. The fuel economy ratings of different replacement tyres will be less of a concern: after all, these cars are hardly chosen by high-mileage drivers.

The few tyres which etyres has fitted for Jimny drivers in recent months tend to come from budget and economy ranges. Huge numbers of these are available and naturally many will suit not only the Jimny but also its drivers’ pockets. etyres offers these at market-leading prices which all include the convenience of mobile fitting.