Suzuki Grand Vitara tyres

When it was launched at the end of the 1980’s, the Grand Vitara was an exciting addition to the UK marketplace. It was a cheap and compact alternative to the 4×4’s of the time, all of which were chunky, large and no-nonsense. It quickly became popular not only with farmers and those who needed its off-road capability but also as a fun and funky choice for urban drivers.

Its problem is that it has stood still while times have changed. Suzuki has become a bystander or a marginalised bit-part player in a market which, ironically, the Grand Vitara helped to create.

The Grand Vitara remains a vehicle built for rough and tumble, offering far better off-road capability than many other 4x4s or SUVs. The issue is that the car was never made good enough on the road to capture any sizeable share in the now massive market for similar vehicles. Additionally, while the Vitara has always been cheap to buy, the SUV market is one in which people will happily pay a premium price for a better product. In contrast, the car with poor handling, a firm ride and no aptitude for the motorway would always be the one which fell behind the market’s rise.

The central issue is that the Grand Vitara has always been a no-frills practical car, not a driver’s car or sophisticated in any way. It may be better than most of its rivals off-road, but that’s not what large numbers of buyers need or want these days. Back in the 1980’s, the market’s demands and shape were different.

All that said, those who do own a Grand Vitara tend to love them rather than just like them. The cars have a whole host of equipment fitted as standard, including lots of 4×4 control features. They are regarded as superb on snow-covered roads and off the beaten track. While the petrol engines are notoriously thirsty, the diesel ones aren’t. As a cheap way of getting across the ford and to the top field with the dogs in the back, it ticks a lot of boxes. It’s also got room in the back for several sacks or sheep if needed and won’t let you down in the winter. There’s also something very earnest about a car which can in many cases be serviced by the owner. With its bonnet up, it’s a car more used to the oily rag than to being plugged into a computer for diagnostic tests.

The Grand Vitara’s theme of ‘cheapest possible’ continues into tyre choice. etyres fits the occasional Goodyear or Bridgestone tyre to these cars but it’s really all about the budget and economy ranges. In choosing between them, it’s best to focus on how much wet grip rating you are getting for the money. An urban Grand Vitara will benefit from the increased safety and roadholding promised by a tyre with good wet grip levels. Similarly, a rural Grand Vitara will need a tyre with enough grip to complement the car’s go-anywhere ability when taken off the road. etyres supplies and fits a huge range of economy tyres to suit all Vitara models and their drivers’ budgets.