Subaru tyres

Subaru is best known for its no-nonsense four-wheel-drive technology. This is something which features right across its range. It all started entirely by chance, though. Subaru had made a series of unremarkable cars since 1954. In 1970, a Japanese electricity company asked it to build it some four-wheel-drive versions of the Subaru 1000. These were needed to replace a fleet of elderly Jeeps. From such humble beginnings, the legend was born, and would save Subaru from an ignominious end.

Modern Subarus combine full-time four-wheel drive with the ‘ends of the earth’ reliability associated with Japanese cars. It’s no wonder that the brand has found such favour in Britain, especially with farmers and in rural areas. Another area in which its cars are famed is motorsport. The famous Impreza WRX was an integral part of the international rallying circuit for countless years.

Only Porsche stands alongside Subaru as the pioneer of the Boxer engine. These feature a different cylinder design to normal engines. A square shape means that they can be placed lower within the car than would otherwise be the case. This means a lower centre of gravity, giving the car increased handling precision and reduced body roll. It has proved one of the reasons for Subaru’s success in rallying and underpins the performance of its production cars. The only drawback of these engines was that for a long time they were unavailable in a diesel format. The traditional Subaru combination of four-wheel-drive and petrol engines was hardly the most economical form of motoring. Thus the Boxer diesel couldn’t have come soon enough for many Subaru drivers.

Subaru produced the first mass-market four-wheel-drive passenger car back in 1975. Its cars continue to be known today for their ‘go anywhere’ abilities, with their drivers a fiercely loyal breed.

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