Subaru Legacy tyres

The Legacy was launched in 1989. It would prove to be the car that assured Subaru’s future and saved its bacon. It is now in its fifth generation and still going strong, with total sales of more than three million.

Before the Legacy, Subaru had been known for quirky-looking and rather unremarkable cars. It was made to compete in the enormous market for mid-size family cars in the USA. Critically, it featured 4×4 technology but discreetly so. You wouldn’t have known that the Legacy was an all-wheel-drive car to look at it. All other 4x4s of the time were large vehicles, far removed from the normal estate car format.

This hidden off-road quality would ensure the car’s success in the competitive American marketplace, as well as internationally. In many ways it was the forerunner of the modern ‘outcross’ market segment. In reply to the growing popularity of the outcross car, Subaru launched the Legacy Outback in 1995. This version had large tyres and jacked-up suspension for greater ground clearance. Needless to say, it caught the imagination of the motoring public in no uncertain terms.

Farmers love the Legacy, as do caravan owners. New models feature Subaru’s ‘EyeSight’ active safety system. This is known to react more quickly than even the driver can. Off-road ability, reliability and four-wheel-drive mean that the Legacy is a popular choice for both new and used car buyers.

Yokohama or Bridgestone tyres were factory-fitted to most Legacy models. Indeed, Subaru works closely with both manufacturers on product development and research. These brands remain etyres’ best-selling of replacement tyres for the Legacy. Goodyear, Nexen and Bridgestone tyres are also popular.

As with all cars, an important factor in tyre choice is the kind of motoring you expect from your Subaru. Wet grip ratings of different tyres will always be an important safety concern, even in a car with four-wheel-drive. The driver of an older Legacy which covers large mileages will undoubtedly view the petrol pump as a necessary evil. That driver will no doubt focus upon the fuel economy ratings of different tyre choices.

Finally, it’s worth saying that although the Legacy can go to places where many other cars can’t, it can still get stumped by snow. Winter tyres will improve the safety and performance of all cars in bad weather, whether they have four-wheel-drive or not. If you do live where the winter weather is severe, they may be a necessity rather than a luxury.