Skoda tyres

Over the last three decades, Skoda has undergone a remarkable transition. From being the butt of countless 1980’s jokes, it has become a modernistic marvel. Skoda entered a joint venture with Volkswagen in 1990 and the brand was reborn. It became the fourth marque in the group, alongside Volkswagen, Audi and Seat. Once their poor relations, Skoda’s cars now compete on level terms with those of its stablemates.

Nowhere have its cars gone from strength to strength more than in the UK market. British drivers consistently rank Skoda at or very near the top of the industry’s benchmark J D Power customer satisfaction survey.

An important feature of the modern Skoda range is that none of its new models leaves the factory with a spare tyre. Instead, all new models are equipped with an emergency repair kit. The lack of any type of spare wheel reduces the car’s weight and thus means increased fuel economy and lower Carbon Dioxide emissions.

However, the repair kits cannot fix every type of damage at the roadside. Additionally, a repaired tyre will still have speed and distance limitations. All that said, using the emergency repair kit is quicker and easier than the traditional alternative of using a jack and a spare wheel. It’s also far safer, as anyone who has had a flat tyre on a motorway will be able tell you.

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