Skoda Fabia tyres

Like all modern Skoda cars, the new Fabia has plenty to recommend it. It offers excellent levels of reliability, comfort and space, all at a price which undercuts its rivals.

While it’s not readily-associated with high performance, that would miss the point rather. The Fabia is a safe bet, a car that’s unlikely to let you down. Its small and thrifty engines, in both petrol and diesel formats, are known for delivering excellent fuel economy on a car which has excellent safety features.

In short, this is a sensible and practical choice of car which demands a sensible and practical choice of tyre!

Preserving the car’s fuel economy and safety are the key considerations in new tyre choice for the Fabia. The most suitable replacement tyres will have good ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy. Naturally many drivers of newer Fabia models will put their trust in the reassurances of tyres from better-known brands. While these are more expensive than cheaper options, the good news is that sporty tyres for high-performance cars aren’t really necessary for most Fabia drivers. Thus it’s easy to find a good and suitable tyre without breaking the bank.

Among the best-selling tyres for the Fabia with etyres are the Michelin Energy Saver and Continental EcoContact ranges. Both have consistently good ratings for both fuel economy and wet grip and suit this car perfectly. Continental’s PremiumContact range is another popular ‘premium brand’ choice.

Nexen and Kumho tyres are the best-selling middle-market tyres for the Fabia, available in sizes to fit any model in the range. They’re worth considering, especially since they come at prices lower than those of the premium brand tyres.

etyres supplies and fits a range of budget and economy tyres. Among these are several options to suit older Fabia models. These come at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.