Seat Leon tyres

The Seat Leon is an extremely well-regarded family car. It is available in a range of guises including an estate, a four-wheel drive version and the high-performance Cupra sports model. It is best known, though, in the traditional hatchback form. All feature high standards of build quality, good on-road performance and low running costs. However, with so many different Leon models available, each owner’s individual driving style and mileage will be different. These should be the primary factors affecting replacement tyre choice.

As an example, the standard tyre size of the Leon is 16 inches. The Cupra, however, features 19-inch alloy wheels. These are designed to fit low-profile sports tyres. Needless to say, the driving style of the average Cupra driver will undoubtedly differ to that of other Seat owners. The Leon 1.6 tdi ecomotive, for example, comes with an eco-friendly engine designed to deliver over 80mpg. It will therefore appeal to a rather different kind of driver!

Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyre is a popular choice with etyres for the Leon. It’s suitable for high-performance models such as the Leon Cupra. The Pirelli P Zero Rosso is factory fitted to many higher-specification Seat cars and features a similar sports-influenced design.

Michelin’s Energy Saver range and Dunlop Bluresponse tyres are also popular fittings for the Leon. These are both much more ‘all-round’ tyres and sensible options for safety-conscious drivers who cover mid- to high mileages. Bridgestone’s Turanza range is another which sells well for this car. Indeed it’s also a popular choice for various other Audi and VW models which share the same chassis. Naturally etyres also supplies and fits a large number of budget and economy tyres suitable for the Leon, too.