Seat Altea tyres

The Altea is labelled an MPV by the trade but in practice is a tall hatchback rather than a fully-fledged people mover. It is based on the Leon hatchback, but higher, while the Altea XL is a little longer to accommodate a larger boot.

Being based on the Leon means that this car shares many components with a range of Skoda, VW and Seat cars, which underpins its reliability and handling. The original Altea of 2004 featured petrol engines, but these were so poorly-received that the current range has diesel versions only. Key to the Altea is lots of room and storage space, and it’s a car which offers low running costs and good value.

It’s important to note that most new Altea models leave the production line without a spare wheel. An emergency repair kit is provided in its place. The absence of a spare wheel brings benefits in terms of interior space and fuel economy. However, a repair kit cannot be guaranteed to fix all damaged tyres in an emergency. Severe tyre damage is usually irreparable. For new models, a space saver option is usually available as an optional extra from Seat dealers. Finding one from a different source is not recommended unless the liner which houses the spare can also be found. Too many people just sling a spare into the back of the car, ignorant of the fact that a loose tyre is big and heavy and could prove lethal in an accident.

Original equipment tyres for the Altea include Dunlop SportMaxx tyres and Bridgestone’s Turanza and Potenza ranges. Dunlop’s SportMaxx tyres feature very high levels of grip, something which underpins both high-performance driving and safe motoring. They make a perfect match for a more sportily-driven Altea, rather than one which spends its time on the school run.

The two Bridgestone ranges fitted by Seat to the Altea are both known for their durability. The Turanza range is an all-round performer offering a balance of comfort, grip and economy. The Potenza range, in contrast, comes from a more performance-based design. While it is all about precision control and handling, it also doesn’t lack for comfort or efficiency. These two Bridgestone tyres have proved very popular and are etyres’ best-selling ranges for these cars.

Other options to consider include EfficientGrip tyres from Goodyear. As their name suggests, they make a good choice because of the safety aspects of the grip they provide. As you would expect from a Goodyear product, longevity is one of their key features. These may not be the cheapest tyres available but they offer excellent long-term value because they are so hard-wearing.

Falken and Nexen tyres have proved popular, at a lower price point than those from premium marques, for a range of Seat, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles. They are certainly worth close consideration for the Altea, with both being excellent ranges for the money.