Seat Alhambra tyres

Seat’s Alhambra MPV offers all the quality and practicality of the Volkswagen Sharan, on which is it is based. Crucially, though, it does so at a lower cost. The diesel engines fitted to new Alhambra models offer excellent fuel consumption figures and are a popular choice. Alhambra drivers should place prime importance on the fuel economy ratings of the many different replacement tyres available. This will help them to continue to obtain the very best economy from their car.

For example, etyres’ best-selling replacement tyre for the Alhambra, the Continental EcoContact range, has a ‘B’-rating for fuel economy. This means that it can offer drivers much better long-term value than many cheaper budget tyres. The latter can come labelled with ratings as low as ‘F’ or ‘G’. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip Performance tyre, which is also popular for the Alhambra, offers much the same promise as the EcoContact. Good ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy make it a much better long-term option than many cheaper alternatives. Avon and Nexen tyres are also popular choices for this car.

Many industry reviews have commented on the low wind and road noise of the Alhambra. This is despite the Alhambra being a relatively large vehicle. To complement this, it’s also worth comparing the road noise levels of different replacement tyre brands and models. Again, these are clearly shown on each tyre’s label. These labels also show a grade for each tyre’s grip properties in the wet – this is very much worth bearing in mind for safe family motoring in all conditions.

A final consideration when replacing worn or damaged tyres on your Alhambra is the issue of run-flat tyres. Many new Alhamabra models are fitted with these, which work with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. On these cars, the suspension and other components will have been engineered to reflect this. A run-flat tyre should always be replaced with a similar run-flat rather than a regular tyre, in order to preserve the car’s mechanical integrity and safety.