Saab tyres

For many years, Saab embodied everything that countless other car manufacturers were trying to achieve. It made quirky, innovative and safety-focused cars. These caught the public’s imagination and engendered massive brand loyalty. Convertible models in particular turned heads when they were new and still look the business when they are old. The only thing Saab seemed unable to achieve was profitability. Many 9-3 and 9-5 models are still earning their keep in Britain and further afield. However, their manufacturer’s demise is a sad footnote in modern motoring history.

Saab cars were always noted for driver comfort. They featured industry-leading seat, ride and suspension technology. To preserve this comfort on your Saab, it is critically important to choose the right replacement tyres. Budget tyres may make short-term financial sense. Fitting them risks jeopardising the most popular feature of Saab ownership, though. Additionally, premature tyre wear occurs frequently on hard-driven and high-powered Saab models. Thus the durability of different tyre options should be an important factor when choosing replacement tyres for the 9-3 and 9-5.

Incorrect tyre pressures can have a significant effect on driver comfort, as well as compromising a vehicle’s safety and performance. An underinflated tyre leads to increased rolling resistance and reduced fuel consumption. An overinflated tyre will affect the car’s performance and responsiveness. In either instance, the car’s safety and economy suffer and tyre wear increases significantly. etyres therefore recommends that your tyre pressures are checked frequently. Correct tyre pressures for your car can usually be found in the owner’s manual and on a plaque by the driver’s door.

etyres supplies and fits a wide range of tyres, suitable for all remaining Saab models. Our national sales team is available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000. We’d be delighted to offer impartial help and advice on choosing tyres to suit your vehicle, driving style and budget.