Saab 9-5 tyres

The awful irony about Saab is that the last cars it ever made were among the best cars it ever made. The 9-5 is a case in point. It is a solid and safe car, which offered excellent value for money when it was new. With falling residual values, it makes even better sense now as a used option. Even though new models were never quite as sharp to drive as the more expensive BMW or Mercedes equivalent, they offered better economy. A large boot and plenty of interior room make its saloon and estate versions popular family cars. Though it is a heavy car, there’s not much ‘nine to five’ about the 9-5’s performance. However, its key virtues are the smoothness, comfort and refinement of its ride. If there was ever a car built for long-distance motorway driving, the 9-5 was it.

An individual’s driving style should be a key influence on the choice of replacement tyres for the Saab 9-5. Those who use their car for long journeys should focus on the fuel economy ratings of new tyres. The right choice will preserve the 9-5’s economy without compromising all that’s good about it on the motorway. Wet grip ratings will be a more important concern for the many drivers who cover smaller mileages in using the 9-5 as a family car. Equally so, sportier tyres will support the driving style of those who use this car’s performance to maximum effect.

Michelin’s Primacy range has for some time been the most popular option with etyres for Saab 9-5 drivers. These are good all-purpose tyres, offering a balance of performance, safety and economy. Similar characteristics are also provided by tyres in the Continental PremiumContact range. In the middle-market, Falken and Nexen are the most popular tyre choices. Both offer durability and will support the famed comfort level of this car.For older 9-5 models, many drivers will choose from the large range of budget tyres available from etyres. These all come at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.