Saab 9-3 tyres

Budget tyres are a popular choice for Saab 9-3 drivers, especially those with older models. However, it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The strongest features of these cars are a high standard of driver comfort and the almost effortless way they can deal with imperfect road surfaces. Both can be significantly compromised by the wrong tyre choice.

When it comes to buying new tyres for a Saab 9-3, there are various factors to bear in mind. The first of these are tyre durability and quality. The right tyre will complement all that’s good about the 9-3. After even only a relatively small number of miles, the wrong tyre will soon prove a false economy if it’s not up to the job. Thus durability is a key issue. While budget tyres naturally cost less, opting for a better quality tyre is usually a better bet in the long run. With a car which is as comfortable as the 9-3, even on uneven roads, the quicker wear of a budget tyre will often prove them to be the wrong choice.

Other considerations will be the owners’ driving style and annual mileage. Ratings for wet grip and fuel economy can be easily seen on each tyre’s label and this website. These will help you choose the right tyre to suit your 9-3 and your individual driving style.

Continental’s SportContact and PremiumContact ranges are both considered premium tyres. Although they are priced accordingly, they remain etyres’ most popular replacement fittings for the 9-3. Dunlop’s SportMaxx range and Pirelli P7 are other best-selling premium brand options for this car. At a lower price point Nexen and Hankook tyres, both of which are known for durability, have proved a popular choice.