Rover tyres

Finding replacement tyres for Rover vehicles is not difficult, but that is only part of the equation. Getting the right tyres for Rover cars, vans, trucks, or SUVs may involve some choices if the driver’s preferences, and driving habits, require different tyres for the Rover than were originally fitted by Rover.

Changing the tyres on a Rover should require 3 primary choices:

The overall quality of the tyre (durability, wear, ratings, cost) desired for the Rover
The speed rating that a tyre for that Rover should have depending upon the driver’s average and occasional “fastest-driven” speed
Deciding if local and/or regional weather patterns merit keeping two sets of tyres for dry vs. wet road conditions
Further, if an owner wishes to put tyres on different sized wheels for the Rover, a careful decision about what size tyres will be valid for that Rover is required. If, for example, a larger wheel size is desired, then the profile (height) and/or the width must be reduced to avoid damaging the drive train. A 195/65/15 tyre for that Rover, for instance, on a 17″ rim, could legitimately become a 165/65 (narrower) or a 195/55 (shorter) but could not stay a 195/65 as before.

All tyres for any Rover vehicle should be fitted using the proper torque, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Torque is the amount of pressure used to tighten the wheel nuts. For tyres that are fitted to the following Rover models, the torque settings are listed. Also, the recommended air pressure to put into tyres for Rover models is listed. Further, the alternate tyre size for Rover models.