Renault Scenic tyres

When Renault launched the Scenic back in 1996, it didn’t so much as aim at family motorists as come to define them. Whilst Renault had ploughed an almost lonely farrow with the larger Espace, the Scenic was a new thing, the first compact people carrier. Two decades on, the irony is that the Scenic has become a victim of its own success. The likes of the Vauxhall Zafira, Volkswagen Touran and Citroen Picasso would not have been invented were it not for the Scenic. Yet the arrival of and continued improvements to those cars means that the Scenic no longer feels as groundbreaking as it once did.

The Scenic has always been based on the Megane of the same age and is unashamedly a family car through and through. In that regard it is entirely fit for purpose, with excellent safety features. The Grand Scenic, a larger version featuring seven seats, exists for those whose descent into the, ahem, pleasures of family motoring is complete.

Reliability may be a little hit and miss but the chances are that if you own a sound Scenic, you’ll hold on to it. Electrics are the most common problem. Spare a thought for the woman whose Scenic unexpectedly burst into flames in a car park in Stroud after its electrics failed. Her profession? A clairvoyant…

Safety is a critical concern in family motoring and thus should be a major influence on replacement tyre choice, too. All new tyres come with ratings for wet grip and the safety implications of a tyre’s grip cannot be overestimated. Good grip means increased safety in terms of roadholding and cornering as well as sharper braking and reduced stopping distances. For family drivers in particular, all tyres are not the same!

It is no surprise that it is tyres from three of the industry’s leading names which are etyres’ best-sellers for the Scenic. Michelin’s Energy Saver tops the list and in many cases is the tyre originally supplied with the vehicle. As their name suggests, these have an emphasis on fuel economy but their wet grip ratings are high, too, and these are among the more durable tyres on the market. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range is another which is popular. While they are not the cheapest option, their high grip rating ensures peace of mind for daily driving in all weathers. Similar prices, durability and reassurances apply with two types of tyre from Continental, the PremiumContact and EcoContact ranges.

Bridgestone and Nexen tyres have also proved popular choices with Scenic drivers, whilst a range of budget and economy options are also available to suit this car. As above, the wet grip ratings of each tyre should be your guide to choosing between them. Fuel economy ratings, in contrast, will usually only be a secondary concern.