Renault Laguna tyres

The Renault Laguna is a popular used car choice. It’s a cheap car to buy and run, although reliability of older models can be an issue. It is known for its quiet and comfortable ride, so its strength is as a motorway cruiser rather than a nippy about-town runabout. It’s a popular family car, with good safety and equipment levels. Additionally, it’ll return high mpg figures if driven conservatively.

A common criticism of earlier Laguna models in particular is that they can be very demanding of their front tyres. These can wear more quickly than those on other cars of a similar size will do. If you’ve noticed this with your Laguna, it’s a factor which should be taken into account when choosing replacement tyres. As a rule of thumb, tyres from better-known brands are more expensive to buy. However, the increased durability they can offer will usually make them better value in the long run.

The Laguna is known for the quietness of its ride at higher speeds. Therefore another factor to consider will be the noise emission levels of different replacement tyre options. These are displayed on each tyre’s label and on this website. Choosing the right tyre will ensure that the Laguna’s quietness in motorway conditions is preserved.

Also shown on each tyre’s label are its ratings for wet grip and fuel economy. A good all-rounder of a tyre, with good levels of both, will be the best choice for many Laguna drivers. In most cases, there’s no need to fit a high-performance sports tyre to what is essentially a middle-of-the-road car.

The Laguna is a relatively cheap car to buy and economical to run. With many older models on Britain’s roads, it’s one of those cars for which etyres sells a large number of budget tyres. The right choice of economy tyre will complement your Laguna without breaking the bank. However, it’s always important to choose the right tyre to suit your driving style as well as your budget.

Popular premium brand choices for the Laguna are varied, including many different Continental, Goodyear, Michelin and Continental tyres. As above, etyres recommends looking at the different ratings shown on the label of each replacement tyre choice. This will help you to narrow your options down to the most suitable of them. Nexen and Hankook tyres are also worth considering since they are popular as middle-market options at competitive prices.