Renault Clio tyres

From the moment it was launched, the Clio has always been very popular in Britain. Clever marketing must take some – but not all – of the credit for that. The car has been very important in continuing Renault’s reputation for stylish and fun small hatchbacks. Frugal petrol and diesel engines, which promise great economy, have underpinned the model’s success.

Although the car is now in its fourth generation, it has been reinvigorated by the great looks of the latest version. These have made it a popular new car choice for style-conscious buyers in the competitive supermini market. The Clio is also a popular used car. Second-hand models are relatively cheap to buy and run, while still offering plenty of character and style. The Clio has always been a good city and town car choice. Although it isn’t perfect on motorways, in general it’s a safe car with good handling and an excellent all-rounder. Renault has always produced a high-performance version of the Clio. Currently at the top of the range is the turbocharged ‘hot hatch’ RenaultSport (‘RS’) version.

The Renault Clio range remains a preferred choice with younger drivers and as a first car. Small engines mean that basic models are not prohibitively expensive to insure. Additionally, it’s fair to say that the Clio has a bit more style than many other first-car choices. Many Clio drivers will order from the huge range of budget and economy tyres available from etyres. This is very much the case for older Clio models and amongst more cash-conscious drivers. etyres offers these at great prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting.

Kumho, Firestone and Nexen ranges sell very well for the Clio. These tyres are ‘middle market’ options but the best-selling tyres for this car with etyres customers. Since these brands are better-known than the budget alternatives, these tyres are certainly worth considering. Certainly, all are available in many different sizes, including one to fit every type of Clio. They are also by no means the most expensive options.

At a more premium price tag, tyres from all major brands are popular choices for the Clio. Among them are Michelin’s Energy Saver and Primacy ranges, Dunlop’s BluResponse and various Pirelli tyres. Continental tyres are also a popular choice with Clio Drivers, with the EcoContact and PremiumContact ranges good matches for different driving styles.

Renault’s engines have always offered good fuel economy, and the Clio has perennially been favoured by many younger (and thus more inexperienced) drivers. As such, the wet grip ratings of different new tyres should be the major consideration when replacing worn or damaged tyres. Each tyre’s wet grip rating can be seen on its label. A better rating means not only superior grip and roadholding but also shorter stopping distances and increased safety. These are important factors for all drivers but especially inexperienced ones.