Porsche tyres

The design and performance of Porsche cars counts for absolutely nothing if the vehicle is fitted with unsuitable tyres. Needless to say, suitable tyres won’t be the cheapest ones on the rack. It may sometimes be tempting to fit a cheaper tyre to a Porsche. However, saving a few Pounds here or there was never part of the Porsche ownership experience. That saving will be far outweighed by the compromises made by an unsuitable tyre to the car’s safety, handling and performance.

To safeguard the characteristics of each Porsche vehicle, the company works with various tyre manufacturers to produce a range of approved tyres. These can be easily identified by an ‘N’ rating on each tyre’s sidewall. A considerable amount of research and development time goes into each of these tyre models. This is in no small part because Porsche issues a lengthy set of criteria for ‘official equipment’ status. These are far more stringent than those of most manufacturers, as you’d expect.

As an example, each tyre must offer very high standards of wet grip specific to the demands of a Porsche. The location of the engine in most models (near the rear axle) means that the car has balance and cornering characteristics very different from those of most performance cars.

Each Porsche-approved tyre has a number as part of its ‘N’-rating. This identifies if any subsequent changes have been made to the original design of the tyre. A purist Porsche driver will demand ‘N’-marked tyres with matching patterns, designs, brand and ‘N’-rating numbers. (What was it we said above about not saving a few Pounds here or there..?!)

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